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One App for All Your Events

Setup your events on our website and push all event details to your visitors by using our native, mobile Apps for iOS and Android. Stay connected to your visitors!

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One for all

Our multi event app fits all

Our Multi-Event-App allows users to load different event details from different organizers/events. The solution is ready to handle events from 1 to 10000 visitors. Thus, one solution for all events and sizes.

Save Time

Save time, increase customer satisfaction

Visitors save weight because they carry less. Organizers gain control, loose concerns, save paper, save setup efforts and cost with our streamlined solution. It´s less for all but more fun everyone.

Connected on the Go

Reach your visitors everywhere, anytime!

Always connected! Thus, short time changes and important alert information become an easy task and guarantee you a hazzle free event management.


Session Control

Avoid crowded sessions

We have put a great effort on agenda management for visitors. At the same time, organizers want to avoid crowded sessions. yoomani allows you to watch your visitors session booking anytime before and during your event. By this, you can still change locations and let your vistors know by PUSH notification. Thus, we help you to avoid crowded sessions and keep your visitors happy!


It’s not hard work, it’s fun to use yoomani!

Concerned about the hard work to setup your event with yoomani? You will be surprised how easy it is to work with us. If you use our Excel-Agenda-Template from the beginning of your planning cycle, the setup of your event takes just minutes, not hours. Let´s make a guess: 15 to 20 minutes and you are all set!

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Connected on the Go

Reach your visitors everywhere, anytime!

What if a speaker got stuck in traffic or sick? What if your session room seems too small? It´s important to stay in touch with your visitors at all time. Being able to update your visitors on all kind of changes, makes your event less stressful. It gives you control at any time of your event!

Twitter stream

Spread the word!

Use your event hashtag to let visitors track the recent tweets about your event. Keep them informed about important sessionos and news. Extend your social activity and track results with your favorite social media suite, such as Hootsuite, Tweet Deck or Cotweet.

Private and Public Events

Keep your event private, easy with yoomani!

You can decide whether your event will be visible to the public or not. This way, you are able to conduct private or coporate events which are conducted for the public. Upload your contacts to inivite them and only these recipients will be able to see your event.

Don´t believe it? Test it now as event for up until 25 participants are free anyway!

Saving Cost

yoomani means saving, not spending!

We offer a multi event solution, which allows organizers and visitors to use the yoomani Events framework for all their events. Our easy to use web interface plus native apps for iOS and Android guarantee a great ROI (Return on Invest). Add logos of your company or your sponsors to either personalize and/or re-finance your yoomani Events service. Benefit from our feedback functionality to become more efficient or simply save paper with yoomani Events; you´ll benefit from quick savings.

This allows to become even more Eco-Friendly today and save money!

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